Ripple Professional


Geoff Nevill, PhD MEAA
Ripple Control Specialist

With over 25 years in the electric power industry, mostly in the Ripple Control field,

I offer consulting on:

  • Ripple control signal propagation
  • Specification of ripple injection plant
  • Condition appraisal of existing plant
  • Design of capacitor blocking circuits
  • Harmonic penetration studies
  • Asset management plans

contact me at:
or call +6427 848 6058

About Ripple Control

Ripple Control is a highly reliable and cost effective narrow band broadcast powerline-carrier communication system used for tariff switching and direct control of domestic appliances such as water heaters and storage space heaters.

Signal is usually injected at the subtransmission or distribution level and flows with the power to every consumer in the network. Ripple control is widely used in most of continental Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and some co-operatives and municipalities in the USA.

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